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A premium quality, pure synthetic, lubricant that will function effectively even at ultra-high temperatures and pressures. For use in the most extreme pressure conditions by leaving a solid lubricating film without varnishing. Product is used to prevent wear, seizing and galling of equipment assemblies.

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High-pressure lubrication and wear resistance
Excellent water washout resistance
Características del Producto Aplicaciones
Low coefficient of friction
Lubricates at pressures to 10687 kg/cm2 (152,000 psi)
Usage temperatures to -23 ˚C – 538 ˚C (-10 ˚F – 1000 ˚F)
Pure non-carbonizing synthetic base
Contains no toxic heavy metals
H2 registrado en la NSF

Stem nuts, lead screws, and linear actuators
Flange bolts and high tension studs
Switch gears
Cables de acero
Tamaños de recipientes disponibles: 500 g, 5 l, 20 l